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Molly Mooridian (she/her)

Executive Director 

Brittany (she/her)

Assistant Director 

Jenn (she/her)

Director of Domestic Violence Victim Services

Angie (she/her)

Director of Sexual Assault

Victim Services

Jamie (she/her)

Legal Advocate

Alyssa  (she/her)

Youth and Family Advocate

Jennifer (she/her)

Shelter Coordinator

Kat (She/They)

Sexual Assault Advocate/

UW-Stout Campus Advocate


Pepin County Advocate 


Jules (she/her)

Crisis Advocate

Ciomara (she/her)

Crisis Advocate

Josie  (they/them)

Crisis Advocate

Angela (she/her)

Crisis Advocate

Meg (she/her)

Crisis Advocate

Ashley (she/her)

Crisis Advocate


Crisis Advocate



Janice Neitzel


3M Plant Manager 

Mickey Boyle

Vice Chair 

Menomonie Police Officer

Stacie Breitung


WESTconsin Credit Union

Marsha Harrison


Self-Employed, Artisan

Dr. Megan Bayrd

Doctor at Mayo Red Cedar

Tracy Erickson

Dunn County Human Services

Kaitlyn Cormican

Anderson Corporation

Sandi Scott

Dean of Students, UW-Stout

Haley Leanne

Family Preservation Worker, Pepin Co. Human Services

Thank you for your interest in The Bridge to Hope (TBTH) Board of Directors. 

You may be wondering what is required of you as a member of the board? Here is a summary:


  1. Attend regular meetings the 2nd Thursday of each month 4:00pm - 5:30pm and read/study materials sent in advance. 

  2. Participate as an active member in at least one workgroup as well as fund-raising planning and events. 

    • Current Workgroups

      • Funding

      • Facilities

      • Board Development

  3. Stay informed about TBTH’s mission, services, policies, and programs.

  4. Educate others about TBTH.

  5. Recruit and recommend potential applicants to join the board who can make significant contributions to the work mission of TBTH.

  6. Make a personal financial contribution to TBTH.

  7. Respect the confidentiality to all information and issues of a sensitive nature.


If you are interested, please fill out an application and we will reach out to you. Should you have any further questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Osteraas, Board of Directors Chairperson at 507-291-4735 or email

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