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Abuse can happen to any older person. By a loved one, a hired caregiver, or a stranger. Abuse can happen at home, at a relative's home, or in an eldercare facility. 

What The Bridge to Hope Offers

In order to be considered an "adult at risk" a person must: be an adult who has a physical or mental condition that substantially impairs his or her ability to care for their needs; have experienced/ is experiencing abuse, neglect, self neglect, or financial exploitation. 

The term "elder at risk" is defined similarly but with a key difference: rather then being a person with a physical or mental impairment, an elder adult at risk is any person 60 years and older. 

Types of Abuse 


  • Physical abuse

  • Emotional abuse/ Mental 

  • Sexual abuse

  • Treatment without consent

  • Unreasonable confinement or restraint

  • Neglect 

  • Self-neglect 

  • Financial exploitation


Personal Advocacy

Our Advocates meet with victims both on an individual basis as well as facilitating support groups for victims. They provide not only emotional support, but also information pertaining to health and legal issues, victim rights and compensation, as well as provide referrals to other agencies.


Information and Referrals

The Bridge to Hope maintains and updates all relevant community resource information for both Dunn and Pepin County.  We also train our staff on a regular basis as to what resources are available.  In this way we are able to not only refer our clients to the needed agency, but also to factually answer any type of crisis or information call we receive on our 24/7 telephone line.

Presentations and Awareness Events

Staff from the Bridge presents to local community agencies as well as have a support group at The Arc of Dunn County and the Senior Center (currently not taking place) where we discuss and inform these individuals about the types of abuse. If you are interested in having us present on this topic to your group please reach out to us!


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